Arturo Madrid

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Scarlett Gamiz
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By: Voces Staff

Arturo Madrid recalls his involvement in the South Texas Border Initiative. Madrid hosted the community groups that were also involved in the South Texas Border Initiative and wanted to establish various goals that would help move forward the issues. Overall, Madrid said his goal was to address the absence of Latinos in educational institutions as students and educators. Madrid was involved in higher education for almost three decades. The conversation transitioned into what led him to write his book, “In the Country of Empty Crosses.” Madrid said living in New Mexico and being a Protestant altered the course of his life and shaped him into the person he is today. He discusses the social issues he noticed growing up and how there needed to be a drastic change in the social, political and cultural climate.

Madrid also discussed the continuing challenges for the Mexican American community. Madrid says the community is absent with respect to the engagement in the critical institutions of society that determine their future. Madrid states that they don’t have many people who are in positions of leadership to be able to set policies that address their concerns. Madrid also expressed the hardships he had to endure during his career life, and the many times he was excluded from multiple scenarios. He also mentions how his Protestant faith helped guide him in the path of gaining a proper education. Towards the end of the interview, Madrid discusses his greatest achievements in helping the Latino community through dedicated his life to developing the intellectual resources of the Latino community in many important ways.