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Voces Videos

Foto Voz

One of the most successful uses of the photographs has been in “Foto-Voz,” in which an interview subject describes the photos in an audio interview, as viewers see the photos.

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Voces Lives On

The Voces Oral History Center commemorates the memories of interview subjects who have passed away over the past several years. Voces Lives On features interview excerpts from the original interview, former students who interviewed them and family members who can share thoughts on their legacy. The memories of these men and women will live on through interviews conducted with Voces.

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Our Interviews on YouTube

Voces has over 1800 oral history interviews about the Latina and Latino experience in the U.S. available to the public. Check out our YouTube channel!

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Voces/CMAS Oral History Collaborative Fellowship

This initiative is intended for the researcher who wishes to fast-track their oral history work on a project about the Latina/o/x experience in the U.S. The interviews will follow protocols developed by the Voces Oral History Center. The Multiple Individual Interview Sessions (MIIS) methodology has been applied to various topics/populations to conduct up to 15 individual interviews over two days.

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