Richard Villa Jr.

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Vincent Peña
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By: Voces Staff

Richard Villa is a 27-year old licensed investment broker born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He is planning a carrer change into law and ultimately wants to be able to prosecute injustice, especially injustice at the hands of police, such as police brutality and deaths that result from police violence. He also wants to help provide public defender assistance to those who can’t afford it, especially to minorities and those who are in poverty.

On the side, he's an ardent activist and is heavily involved in his community, including giving back, volunteering, and activism. During the pandemic, he has not contracted the virus, but some family members did get infected and his father and grandmother passed away for non-virus related reasons. He was also able to safely transition to working from home, but he notes that it has not been easy due to difficulties with family-related matters.