Armando Trejo

By: Voces Staff

Armando Trejo, an archivist for Elgin Community College, has transitioned to working remotely after 26 years of working physically in the archives, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Trejo, including his relatives that live in various regions in Mexico, have taken the necessary precautions to avoid the virus. However, Trejo does not see a bright future with our current leadership and without a vaccine.

Alicia Cisneros

By: Voces Staff

Alicia Cisneros works as a dental assistant in Elgin, Illinois. Due to COVID her work closed for almost two months (March to late May) and they only attended to emergencies. Although the staff and herself always had enough PPE, she didn’t feel safe in her work environment. She contracted the disease and spent five days in the hospital and has since felt nervous about catching it again or transmitting the virus to others and family and friends. She lost her mother and her brother to the disease.

Jeronimo F. Dominguez

By Caleb Miller

As he picked crops in Texas during his youth, Jeronimo Dominguez never imagined that one day he'd be taking shelter in a German foxhole while his comrades died around him.

Dominguez, who was born in March 1913 in Medina County, about 40 miles southwest of San Antonio, only had an eighth-grade missionary school education. Before the war, he had traveled as far as North Dakota, to pick beets for $100, quite a haul in those days. That all changed, however, when he joined the Army.

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